Working closely with our technology partner, we have been serving Thailand with an extensive range of scientific laboratory equipment specially developed to meet the needs of laboratories in schools and universities.
Our network of warehousing and workshop facilities enables us to respond to orders quickly. Whilst our dedicated service teams are on hand locally to provide all the ongoing after-sales support you require.





Spectro SC

The hallmark of Labomed visible spectrophotometers, this is a reliable and exceptional value instrument with wavelength ranging from 330nm to 1000nm. The Spectro SC can be used by itself. 
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Water Bath

The Memmert waterbath is available in six model sizes and two performance classes; the Basic class for standard temperature control tasks and the Excellent version provides precise test procedures with maximum safety.
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Nichiryo Le

Weighing only 83g, this light and ergonomic pipette reduces the risk of RSI and is the perfect tool for daily work. The enlarged push button makes it easy to set the volume and reduces the need to lock the dial for immediate operation.
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NF 200 Small Centrifuge

An ideal centrifuge for small clinics, physicians’ practices and as a point-of-use instrument in larger laboratories. Blood samples, urine sedimentation and general sample preparation are catered for with the standard rotor and adaptors.

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Triple Beam Balances

This range offer great educational value by allowing students to visualise and take an active role in determining the weight of an object. The notched and tiered beams ensure easy reading, whilst magnetic dampening and zero adjust compensator ensure correct zero. 
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PACE Technologies




MEGA-M250 Manual Metallographic Abrasive Saw

Ideal for metallographic laboratories, as well as small industrial or production applications. This manual wheel feed abrasive saw was designed for cutting and sectioning moderate sized metallographic materials ranging from soft aluminum metals to hardened tool steels.
View full product details on PACE Technologies website.

Protherm Furnaces



Chamber Furnaces

Standard chamber furnaces cover a range from 1100°C to 1600°C, all of which are front loading for easy operation and double skin construction to maintain a cooler outer case. All models include a safety switch which isolates power when the door is opened.

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