Milk Analysis

Together with Delta Instruments we have been serving Thailand's milk laboratories for over 20 years. 
Our network of warehousing and workshop facilities enables us to respond to orders quickly. Whilst our dedicated service teams are on hand locally to provide all the ongoing after-sales support you require.


Delta Instruments




LactoScope FTIR Advanced 

The LactoScope FTIR Advanced has the ability to measure various dairy products next to milk, cream and whey. Good examples are yoghurt, ice cream and cheese.

It is able to measure many different components, for example: casein, density, true protein, NPN/calculated urea and pH.
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SomaScope Smart

The SomaScope Smart is the only manual somatic cell counter that combines ease of use with low cost of ownership, combining the latest flow cytometer (FC) with the latest LED technology.
Flow cytometry is an analytical technique, recognised by the IDF for accurate determination of somatic cells.
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