Scientific Laboratory

Together with out partners, we have been serving the scientific research and testing laboratory in Thailand for many years.
Our network of warehousing and workshop facilities enables us to respond to orders quickly. Whilst our dedicated service teams are on hand locally to provide all the ongoing after-sales support you require.






All GFL Shakers have the CE mark, are maintenance-free and have the German TÜV seal for approved safety (GS). Their stable, low-wear drive mechanisms ensure a particularly smooth working and dependable, long-term service. The electronic system controls the soft start-up of the devices.
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Water Stills

GFL water stills are the result of our experience over decades. They produce highly pure, poor in gas, distillate with very low conductivity, both bacteria and pyrogen free, and are compliant with DAB regulations and with international pharmacopoeia requirements.
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A traditional analytical device used in conventional laboratories. This spectrophotometer delivers enhanced user-friendliness, precision and accuracy - resulting in time and cost savings, as well as unprecedented confidence in test results.
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Universal Ovens

With 32 models, expandable with convenient, approved and tested accessories, you will easily find the heating oven for your needs. According to your application the two model variants SingleDISPLAY and TwinDISPLAY cover all requirements of thermal safety, precision and quality assurance.
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Nichiryo EX II

The best selling model of Nichipet series, EX II is fully autoclavable and UV resistant, providing fatigue-free operation with enlarged finger-rest.
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NF 800/800R Centrifuges

The multi-purpose NF 800/800R bench top centrifuges respond to the requirements of laboratories carrying out a variety of applications. By combining a range of accessories and speeds in a single machine, they reduce the need for bench space and investment cost.
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ID 300 Climatic Test Cabinet

Ideal design for tests at different climatic conditions and stability, artificial aging and storage tests in industries such as electronic, automobile, aircraft & aviation, chemical, plastic, textile, pharmaceutical, construction material, food, packaging and military equipment.
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TK 120/252/600 Test Cabinets

The TK Series provides an economical solution to simulate real environmental conditions by controlling temperature, humidity and day & night cycles. Robust, stainless steel construction, high density injected polyurethane insulation and an inner glass observation door make a durable and practical instrument.
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Feauring Smart Tex 2.0, a user-friendly application-based graphical software platform, in concert with a redesigned antistatic draftshield, enhanced weighing performance and a flexible moduler display that detaches from the weighing base. The EXPLORER delivers accurate performance, improving your efficiency in the lab.
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Starter Bench Lab Meters 

It is now available in a line of bench top electrochemistry products that includes pH and conductivity meters. The starter Series offer high performance at a great value to premium performance products that have extended and advanced functionality.
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Protherm Furnaces



Chamber Furnaces

Standard chamber furnaces cover a range from 1100°C to 1600°C, all of which are front loading for easy operation and double skin construction to maintain a cooler outer case. All models include a safety switch that isolates power when door is opened.
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